Frequently Asked Questions about the Foundation

What is the Saint Ninian Parish Foundation?
The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation established in 2012 to oversee financial contributions for the restoration and maintenance of Parish facilities. Parishioners, former parishioners and friends of the Parish may make donations of cash or other financial assets to the Foundation. The Foundation is committed to transparency, accountability and the wise use of funds for the benefit of the Parish.

Why was the Foundation established?
The Saint Ninian Parish Foundation was established to provide a locally managed body dedicated to the collection, management and disbursement of funds for the benefit of the parish.

How will the funds be used?
The funds are used to restore and maintain the Cathedral, Rectory and St. Ninian Place. Decisions regarding the allocation of funds are made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

How can I donate?
Donations may be made in a variety of ways, including:
On-line donations (Canada Helps)
Cash gifts
Real Estate
Life Insurance
Memorial Donations

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